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David has worked professionally in film and television production since 2007. He has experience in a wide variety of disciplines including but not limited to producing, directing, camera operation and editing.


He has produced and directed TV commercials, branded content, documentaries and short film productions. Having started in Adelaide, he now operates predominately out of Melbourne, although much work has been done throughout Europe the US and Asia.


Having produced and production directed the Cannes winning branded content series ‘Open Up’ with Andre Agassi and directed internationally successful short films ‘Love You Mum’ and ‘The Other Brother’ - this is David’s first feature length documentary.


David is currently producing and directing TV commercials from Melbourne whilst also in script development for an upcoming feature film project.

Nicolaos has a steady background in performance arts, having studied at an Adelaide acting school for 4 years. He has been involved in a number of local and national acting related jobs and commercials where his passion for creative media and production began.


Having experienced the pain and struggle first hand living with a relative suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Nicolaos' deep personal connection with the family story is what prompted the idea to create Istoria.


Nicolaos holds a Masters in Marketing and has efficiently applied these skills in his first Executive Producer role on a feature film, laying a strong foundation for future film productions.


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